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2021 140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth

140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth

Feel the shifting edges.

Go for a walk.
Walk so gently
that your feet hear the histories of the ground beneath them.
Consider where the environment ends and you begin.
Walk that line. Where is it?
On your skin? In your mouth? In your lungs? In your blood?
Is the CO2 ‘you’?
Breathe a trace of condensation on a glass surface.
Touch it.
Is it part of you? Or of the world?
Listen to the silences, absences, presences.
Read the deep faultlines of geology and control.
Ingest the atmospheric consequences of another era.
Feel other entities, other places and other times.
Life forms defy boundaries at every level.
Feel the shifting edges of yourself.

by Sumayya Vally

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  • Author:
    Sumayya Vally,
  • Authors:

    Hans Ulrich Obrist and Kostas Stasinopoulos



  • Publication :

    ‘140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth’

    Through drawings, thought experiments, recipes, instructions, gardening ideas, insurgences and personal revolutions, 140 artists come together for a publication dedicated to the environment and the climate emergency.