2019 Johannesburg, ZA

The Cost of Being Informal

Slide pull haul on foot, five kilometre treasures once bought, now to be resold as waste.


No tap, no bathroom to speak of for hours, for thousands of steps. Elizabeth’s endurance in the absence of infrastructural support of any kind renders a hard-hitting economical equation obvious. 12 women in Ivory Park, some of which are waste-pickers, domestic workers, street traders and early childhood development carers. From the large scale urban infrastructures that bind their work trajectories to the micro-infrastructures like home materials, water points and the presence of a lock on the door; our work traces the cost of opportunity to these women. The affect of urban infrastructural strategy and land rights on the livelihoods of women in our informal economy is drawn out through this research.



  • Categories
    Building, Publishing, Research,
  • Geography:

    Ivory Park, Johannesburg South Africa

  • Collaborators:

    Dr Caroline Kihato, Mike Rogan (WIEGO), Bonolo Mulatsi (GCRO), UrbanWorks, Sarah de Villiers