2018 Johannesburg, ZA

Purdah پرده,

Screen; veil; covering; conceal *Urdu


In this project, Counterspace executes a set for the fashion lines of Black Coffee by Jacques van der Watt and L’MAD Guillotine, in a series of layers of suspended planes. Abstracted structured geometries derived subtlety derived from the languages of the garments offer portals to reveal deeper, concealed spaces, behind the front plane.

What emerges is a space which, structured on a cadence and carefully measured walking speeds of models on the runaway, slowly reveals the garments through windows and doorways as they snake forward through the various layers.

In a play of revealing and concealing, projection and mooded light, the fashion pieces are teased out, until finally revealed at dramatic pause points at the outermost layers of the set, to complete the final seconds of arrival in the the runways.