2020 Istanbul TR, Casablanca MA

Material Histories: Sands, soils, recipes and other archives

The granular content of soil, the moulded clay of a fluted utensil, the earth of a communal bakery and the dastasrkhwan, climate change and shifting sands – shifting borders.


Material and ingredients – the stuff of the earth – and their legacies of hybridisation, uproot, movement and endangerment; are an evolving archive of our own stories.

Fragments of data – hard and soft – trace the shifting of species, geographies and practices. A periodic table of land and sea – excavating and underlining potential histories, potential futures.

Active leftovers, quiet histories, silent sovereignties, gradated empires, “new” categorisations, ecological shifts, carceral atlases of colony, politics and resistance.

The deep fault lines of control and moments of insurgence.

These folding architectures, containing cultural recipes and histories of movement are installed in everyday use in Cairo and Casablanca – a sandwich wrapper, a falafel house shop-window poster, a tablecloth in the central market for iftar.