2016 Johannesburg, ZA

Iphunga Lemvula

(The smell of Rain *Zulu)


In an event directed by prolific artist Stephen Hobbs, Counterspace worked alongside other creators and performing artists to conceptualize an opening event unlike anyone had seen before in Johannesburg.

The build-up to the event saw several photo shoots featuring artist Io Makandal, dressed by Counterspace, lighting and shooting by Stephen Hobbs – all shot at the Propertuity’s then soon to be opened Craftman’s Ship development. In addition, the creative team worked alongside Tamara Osso as head choreographer for performing artists and dancers from the Dance Factory. Counterspace also developed a series of animations and GIFs for the opening campaign derived from the emergent photographic work of Hobbs featuring Makandal.

The final opening event in September 2016 saw a thrilling display of projection, dance and a play of light and smoke as major theatrical extrapolations of dazzle camouflage, one of the main artistic characteristics of the the building’s facade and landscaping, as conceived by Hobbs.