2015 Johannesburg, ZA


(Waste, loss, absence *Zulu)


Johannesburg’s recyclable waste reclaiming landscape is by its very nature apart of this dichotomy. Through a series of networks reclaimers and their trade mark vehicles move through the site and its surrounds and with deliberate precision; they collect the discarded remnants of consumed products in which they find economic value. They act as vehicles creating fluidity and motion in the larger system of waste recycling.

Counterspace engaged with the local recyclers through a number of workshops, mapping out the use of the Auret Street building as a waste organising space as well as a place where the recyclers live. The proposal looked at remedying some of the hazardous areas in the building and mediating an arts and culture project that engaged with the up and coming urban redevelopment of the area. The sensitivity of this experimental project is to be initiated through social media platforms and creating awareness as a form of land activism.



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    Building, Research,
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    Corner Auret and Fox Street, City and Suburban, Johannesburg South Africa