2017 Johannesburg, ZA

Future Addresses


6 drawings – event as architecture in South African cities. The imagery was assembled using a selection of drawings and drone images, depicting a slowly apparating collage of recent events which have taken South Africa’s open spaces with force. Counterspace argues that, although ephemeral, these acts and events are radically changing the way in which we publicly engage, and uses a form of concealment and revelation in abstract formations. The body of work includes the following pieces: ‘Baptism of the Dragon‘, ‘Easter on the Mountain‘, ‘Prophetic Address‘, ‘Saturday Shopping‘, ‘G8 World Conference‘, and ‘The Budget Speech‘. Each piece conflates a major event or political moment onto a small-scale site, such as a street, a staircase, or a hill-top. Here; not in parliament’s halls; are promises, clauses and treaties held and tested to the light.

Most of the featured events reinterpret ritual spaces, demonstrating ways in which the esoteric and political agendas are manifest through spatial and temporal settings.