2021 Johannesburg, ZA

Fleurhof UDF – Community Engagement


Under a team lead by Albonico Sack Metacity, Counterspace provided a multitude of resources and platforms for engagement with the community in Fleurhof, as a major informant to the urban development framework then under design; in addition to economic and service layers as provided by other specialists on the team.

Counterspace lead a vigorous on-ground survey endeavor, reaching 350 Fleurhof residents, commutators and visitors to gain information for their urban experiences and movement patterns. In addition to this, Counterspace facilitated advertising, venue co-ordination and running of 4 major public-stake-holder events, held over a period of 4 months. Economic livelihoods of emergent small-scale business were studied, and community organisations including religious groups and schools were reached out to and interviewed. Our team also used a wide range of media to record the site and its people, including social media platforms for engagement (Facebook, WhatsApp, email and SMS communication) as well as film and ‘voice booths’. The on-ground and human data was then assimilated into a detailed report of findings, accompanied by a film of the process.

The Fleurhof community proved to be one which was inspiring to work with, with strong positive aspirations for itself and its future generations.