2019 Johannesburg, ZA

ETA NowNow

A set of Joburg typologies and typographies.


A project brief from Uber to light up Joburg, transformed into: Do you have a space to wait with dignity? A safe route to walk? Does your phone have enough juice? Need WiFi? A place to wait is more than just a place to wait.

A street corner where someone used to sell chupa chups and cigarettes 7 years ago. The 20 past four smell of weed. Young lovers, influencers, a student struggling to cross Empire. 8 armed robbers and a shooting on the interchange. 

A new set of #LightUp #Safespaces – a set of street lights for waiting. Sit, charge, chat, look, watch, read. Programmed Activities and eyes on the street at night. Safety blue. A 1.5 person seat for someone with a backpack, a Shoprite of groceries or a child. 

A set of furniture pieces, drawn from Joburg typologies and typograhies, in extruded patterns that allow for seating, waiting, signage, shelter, wayfinding and light. One of them could become a pop-up museum. Another, a pop-up library. Next to a space where someone is getting their hair braided. A set of soft, microinfrastructures on a street.

Estimated Time of Arrival: *Now Now: 

Shortly. A term widely used in South African conversations relating to the period of time which will elapse before the given task, time or opportunity will present itself. The actual word is derived from the Afrikaans ”nou-nou” (which can be used both in future- and immediate past-tense) idiomatically used to mean soon (sooner than just now in South Africa, but similar to just now in the United Kingdom).