2019 Johannesburg, ZA

Conversation Rooms

Conversation Rooms unfolds as a set of spaces for the prompting and recording of conversations about architecture – used in different contexts – one to one, a group discussion, a sharing circle, a solitary moment, a date.


The project is conceived through a set of purpose-designed furniture pieces and choreographic movement design to foster collision, intimacy, facing toward and facing away – alternative forms for terms of engagement, in space.

What does it mean to engage with the existing archive and canon of the architect-architecture-architectural? How can we rethink the canon, in a world defined by racial capitalism, profound ecological crisis and extreme violence? How do we engage with global economies of higher education and architectural institutional frameworks from the southern tip of Africa? We take the GSA’s institutional imaginary as our starting point to question the architectural canon, curriculum and institutional imaginaries.

Excerpt from Institutional Imaginaries press release, September 2019