Folded Skies

18h46, -26.226607, 28.035137

For an instant, a drop of sky lands in the landscape – each an instant in time. Our installation captures colours of the South African light – dawn, dusk, sunsets.

We are inspired by the iridescent qualities of our cities and landscapes – sometimes this is heightened by the chemical compounds in our cities’ mining dust.

We worked with the same pigment compounds (copper, aluminium, cobalt, ferrous) from these dusts to create instances of South African skies – a snapshot of light conditions at different times of the day.

The shapes fold light, perspective and earth into each other, borrowing and disrupting the horizon line as divider between the above and below. Light folds on the reflective faces of the disks in the landscape, producing a blurred enmeshing of up and down, inside and outside, real and unreal.